Thursday, June 10, 2010

WOW what a few weeks!

So it has been a very tough few weeks. We worked night and day on the house only to miss the deadline of my surgery. I went in on Monday and lordy, it was rough. I guess there were problems with the anesthesia. It took a lot for me to come around and then that night I kept waking up to the alarms going off in my room as I was not breathing or my pulse dropped below 40. It seems like I don't tolerate anesthesia well, even though I have had it before. On the good front, we got word from pathology that it was only the only itty bitty spot, so I am cured. yeah, thrilled, dance a jig. I hurt so bad I can't take it. I am sure this will be so worth it in a few weeks, but today, not a happy camper.