Saturday, March 27, 2010

Grandma McEuen

As some of you know, my Grandma McEuen died a week ago, she was pretty old (87) and had severe Alzheimer's disease. She passed very peacefully in her sleep. I had to miss the funeral due to a business trip but I was able to arrange a dinner at her favorite restaurant, Chuck-A-Rama. I was really worried that we would not have many people, but my family never disappoints! Thanks to everyone who came!

Grandma McEuen Family Dinner

Kenny & Susan
Cindy & Kulani & the Kids
Mary & Hans
Aaron & Geraden
Aunt Vivi
Krissy, Liz and MarJean
Anthony, Rachel, Dee & Fred
Doug & Sherrie
Mom, Karen and Charlene
Mike, Ashlee, TJ and Geraden
Jenni, Joe, Keith & Gabe
Mary & Nate
Danny & MacKenzie
Kyla, Shannon & Lily
Christenson Cousins
Ed & Hannah
Brian & Stacy
Scott & Evan

Friday, March 26, 2010

Weight Watchers Week 11!

So I just had my weigh in as I completed week 11. I had been gone this week on a business trip (never diet friendly!) so I weighed in today instead of last night at the meeting. Here it is! Drum Roll.....

26.2 pounds!

Yeah Me!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Niger Kitty

So I put our cat down yesterday. We have had Niger for almost 12 years as we got him as a kitten from Grandpa Marty. I only cried a little, but Kane is so sad. He was a good kitty.