Saturday, January 23, 2010

Updates of a kind.....

So Cole chastises me when I don't update the blog every other week or so (really). So I thought I would just pen a few notes about what we have been doing.

Cole is so glad that the holidays are over. Working at the Post Office over Christmas I am sure is a punishment in some other dementions. Cole is also heavily involved in the NALC (postal union) so he usually has meetings about that once a week. Since football is still on SUndays are spent glued to our bed and watching NFL Sunday Ticket. It will be nice when football is over so we can go to brunch again. For those of you who don't know, Cole bet me bruch at LaCaille that the Boise Broncos would lose to TCU in the Fiesta Bowl. Well TCU was bent over so I am really looking forward to that.

G broke up with his girlfriend this past week or so. She was a nice girl but I am glad it is over. G leaves for boot camp at Knox on June 7th. I am glad that he will be starting out his own life. He also has gotten a 4.0 both of the last quarters at school. He drives my old neon to school and to work and pretty much never at home unless we require it.

Mason is doing well but I can see how difficult it may become in the next few years. I can't restrain him anymore if I needed to. He is just too big and phsycially strong. I know the time is coming when he will not live here with us.

Kane, what can I say? We were playing cards at friends the other night who has kids close to Kane's age. They asked if Kane played with webikinz (not sure if that is spelled right.) I thought maybe they were a girl thing (sort of) but I had to explain that Kane was really interested in that type of thing, but if you have a small South AMerican country you want taken over, he's your guy. His birthday was this week so he is now 11 (going on 32).

Me? Well I joined weightwatchers and so far so good. Ashlee and Brat are doing it with me. I have lost 7.6 pounds, with many more to go. EBay is still great but I don't think I will be traveling so much this year.