Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More G Pics!

Geraden in the Army!

G is at Basic Training at Fort Knox Kentucky! We graduates on the 20th of August. Cole and I are flying out there and bringing the boy as a surprise! I posted a few pics. None are of just G so you have to search for him!

G's Army Pics!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I am not a big "quoter" either here or on Facebook. But I really needed to hear something last night. I had dinner with some old friends and came back feeling like the bastard red-headed stepchild. Things with women (and girls!) are very complicated, and frankly I have never been one to navigate the waters all that well. I have said and done terrible things, hurt peoples feelings unknowingly (and knowingly) but rarely do words, or lack thereof, hurt me. It did yesterday. I tell myself that I am a 36 year old intelligent, successful, happy woman. That I have a great marriage and wonderful (but evil) kids. I should not have let things bother me, but I did and that is my fault.

This is what I thought of:

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Now this is where I have my incredibly girly moment. I wish I could say that I read this in school, or read a biography on the First Lady. I remembered it from the Princess Diaries movie.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

WOW what a few weeks!

So it has been a very tough few weeks. We worked night and day on the house only to miss the deadline of my surgery. I went in on Monday and lordy, it was rough. I guess there were problems with the anesthesia. It took a lot for me to come around and then that night I kept waking up to the alarms going off in my room as I was not breathing or my pulse dropped below 40. It seems like I don't tolerate anesthesia well, even though I have had it before. On the good front, we got word from pathology that it was only the only itty bitty spot, so I am cured. yeah, thrilled, dance a jig. I hurt so bad I can't take it. I am sure this will be so worth it in a few weeks, but today, not a happy camper.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Stuff and Stuff

I know I have not posted in a bit, but we have been super busy. After we got back from our vacation (wow did that really happen?) things moved into overdrive. We are planning on selling our house. As our house was well...dumpy...there were a lot of things that needed to be done. Cole and I have been moving slowly getting things done, but now you can start to see the change. We installed crown molding in all the rooms (we ran out so we have three rooms to go) had both bathroom tubs and showers refinished., and have gotten rid of TONS of crap. Unfortunately there is tons more crap to go. We have rented an apartment to live in for the summer so we can get Mason's room done and leave the house perfect to be shown. So much work! I really want to move to Saratoga Springs or Eagle Mountain. Cole wants to stay in Orem, so we will cross that bridge when it comes. I will post some before and after pictures later.

On the weight loss front, things are still going well. I really like Weight Watchers. It is easy for me to do, even when I travel. The weight is still coming off pretty well. Today is my 4 month anniversary with it. As of yesterday I have lost ....35 pounds! I am now down 2 sizes to a size 16. I am really happy about it and am just going to keep going. Ashlee and Brat have have dumped me and jumped ship. I don't think either would follow the rules. My girlfriend Vix at work has said she will join. It is easier to do with a friend.

I found out on Wednesday that I have early endrometrial cancer. Just a little-bitty spot. But just to be safe, I am having a hysterectomy in a few weeks. My Doc wanted to do it sooner but I did not want to miss G's graduation. So I will be going under the knife on June 7. I was hoping to have her through a tummy-tuck in there as well, but I guess that is a no-go.

Geraden will be graduation from Mountain View High School on May 28th at 4:00PM at the Marriott Center at BYU. We are having a big party at Springwater Park 950 S 1700 W (Artesian Rd) from 7:00-9:00PM that night. If you are reading this- YOU ARE INVITED!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

California! Spring Break!

So Cole and I decided to head to NorCal for spring break this year. I traded in all my FF miles and hotel points, so most of the trip was free. Since we were having the bathrooms redone we spent Saturday night at the Hilton at the airport. We flew out Sunday morning and low and behold, Delta lost Cole's bag. We flew into Medford Oregon and then drove to Crescent City California, only about 2 hours away. We stayed for 3 nights there and it is such a beautiful place. Rocky shores and huge waves and not hot. We loved it so much we will go back, sans kids.
Cole's bag did not show up when they said it would so we had to go and get him some clothes at gasp...WalMart, it was unpleasant. I still have to send it the reimbursement voucher. We went to Trinidad and Arcata, then the Redwood Forest. We also stopped by the Trees of Mystery, which I had vague recollections from childhood.
We stayed in Redding for one night. I was hoping to see my Aunt and Uncle, but it did not work out. I went to my old house and my school. We also went to the Sundial Bridge which was great. I wanted to go see my sister's grave but could not remember how to get there, so we stopped at the Ranger station at Whiskeytown and the cemetery was there on the map. The Whiskeytown cemetery is truly one of a kind. There are no restrictions on monuments so people really go crazy, from markers made of beer bottles to bedazzled headstones.
We rented a "cabin" in Mt Shasta City and it was VERY nice to have two bedrooms and three TVs. I was pretty sick of fast food so it was nice to relax. We headed to Burney Falls on Friday before heading back to Medford on Saturday. We flew back very early on Sunday morning and now it feels like I was never gone!


G & Kane at Burney Falls

One of the headstones that my brother Chip made for his Eagle Scout project. They are in the cemetery where my sister is buried.
My sister's marker
Cole & G at the gardens by the Sundial Bridge in Redding

This is actually a living plant!
The Sundial Bridge
The house I grew up in!
They look so cute don't they.

Clam Beach!


Watch out for the tide!
G at the top of one of the rocks in the cove
Kane at Trinidad

Kane and G at Trinidad

Kane & G under Babe the Blue (anatomically correct) Bull

Ginormous Blue Ox

Kane and Cole on the Skytram


The boys at the Trees of Mystery

at a black sand beach

Kane stumbled on this guy, just enjoying the sunshine. He seemed to wave at you when you went by.


Bowling at Tsunami Lanes in Crescent City

The Lighthouse at Battery Point

The Hampton Inn in Crescent City

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Grandma McEuen

As some of you know, my Grandma McEuen died a week ago, she was pretty old (87) and had severe Alzheimer's disease. She passed very peacefully in her sleep. I had to miss the funeral due to a business trip but I was able to arrange a dinner at her favorite restaurant, Chuck-A-Rama. I was really worried that we would not have many people, but my family never disappoints! Thanks to everyone who came!

Grandma McEuen Family Dinner

Kenny & Susan
Cindy & Kulani & the Kids
Mary & Hans
Aaron & Geraden
Aunt Vivi
Krissy, Liz and MarJean
Anthony, Rachel, Dee & Fred
Doug & Sherrie
Mom, Karen and Charlene
Mike, Ashlee, TJ and Geraden
Jenni, Joe, Keith & Gabe
Mary & Nate
Danny & MacKenzie
Kyla, Shannon & Lily
Christenson Cousins
Ed & Hannah
Brian & Stacy
Scott & Evan