Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Oregon Coast Road Trip!

So a few months back, Brat and I found a GREAT deal on a beach house in Lincoln city. It was buy two days get one free. As our kids were out of school for fall break this past weekend, we packed everyone up and head out, Meri and Ian and all their family, Mom and Dad, me with G and Kane and nephew Gabe. We left after school on Wednesday to meet up at in Nampa at Nate's house. I have this weird thing that I need to stay in hotels and not at people homes, so we stayed at the Hampton Inn in Nampa. Mom and Dad arrived earlier in the day, we got there about 8:30pm. We visited with Nate and Mary for a bit and then headed over to the hotel. Meri and Ian and family got there about 10:30PM and spent the night there.
The next morning we headed out to Lincoln City Oregon, with a stop Multnomah Falls. We met up with Meri and Ian there. It is truly beautiful and right off the freeway. It is a little climb to the trestle bridge, but so worth it.

My GPS broke so we did a little detour on the way to the beach house. We got there about 5:00PM and within minutes Mom and Brat pulled up, great timing! The house was pretty old, like a grandma's cabin. It was not fancy, but it was perfect. Incredible views from every window, beds a plenty, and now worries that they kids would break anything pricey. Meri and Ian took the basement with the twins, Mom and Dad took the master bedroom on the main floor, and I took the bedroom on the second floor between the two bunk rooms that slept 6 each. There was a great outdoor play set, patio, decks etc. And best of all a ten minute walk to the sand. The weather was cool, but not cold. The kids played in the surf each day and G even got all the way in. I think the cold water nearly made him vomit (see pics below). I love the cold ocean, the rocks and spray, tide pools, seals.

We spent part of each day at the beach, or at the tide pools (where you could drive on the beach!). Meri, Ian and I went to dinner one night at Kyllos, a restaurant right on the water. We had the best table at the window and enjoyed the sunset and the waves. The food was pretty good too. Meri thought the drive would be too much for one day so she headed out on Saturday and spent another night at Nate's. Mom and Dad headed out on Saturday as well so they could be in Redding in time for church on Sunday Morning. So I took the boys to the outlet mall and we did a bit of shopping and got some wearable souvenirs. I told the boys that they could each choose one souvenir per person up to $20. G and Gabe chose these hideous sock-shoe things. Kane chose a lava lamp. Weird. There were deer at the house and we had some nighttime visitors who came to the door looking for food. As they were not scared at all of us, I figure they had a good tourist racket going. There were a pack of 4 of them that just sat by the door looking cute. Since I know raccoons carry rabies we did not touch them at all but we did leave out some nibbles.

We headed out early Sunday morning for the long drive home. The kids were pretty good and G even drove a few hours in Idaho. I love the coast, I could so live there if I could afford it. I would love to rent this place again. It was not pretentious at all, just a great place were you relax by the ocean with your family.

Pictures from the Oregon Coast!

Gabe, Geraden, Lydia, Kane and Lily

I let the boys choose one souvenir for the whole trip and this is what they got. I know they are VERY ugly.

Mom making food



G and Duncan, he stole Arik's blanket

Arik taking after his Dad!

Lydia and Lily. They got their pants wet so I just had them take them off.

G and Gabe

Mom and Me with the twins

Kane at the tide pools

G at the tide pools, trying to "catch" a starfish

Ian and Meri, making their way to the tide pools

G and his starfish

A little sneaky furry paw

The creature the paw belonged to

Super cute Lydia

Mom making scones
Duncan ringing the ship's bell

G chasing after the boy, somethings never change

Yes G the water is very cold

Me doing my best Jackie O impression