Sunday, June 14, 2009

Babysitting the Twins and Lydia

Lydia & Duncan with Jett
Arik, he looks drunk in all the pics I take.


Lydia, the female form of Kane.

I watched the kids the other day for Brat while she and Ian went to dinner.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New York and Philadelphia

The Silver Wraith

Jill and I

So I had a work trip to New Jersey and Philadelphia. I was very excited since I had never been to either place before, and we planned to go into NYC for dinner before we flew out the last morning. Well we were delayed an hour going out of SLC on our way to Philly, then delayed over an hour on the tarmac at the Philly airport. Our meeting went well and after it was over we went and toured Independence Hall and saw the Liberty Bell. Downtown Philly is pretty but the rest of it...not so much. I had a cheesesteak at Jim's. Good, but I think the Italian Place is better. I really don't need to go there ever again.

We drove from Philly to Newark NJ that night. Wes (coworker) wanted to stop at a gentleman named Gene Epstein on the way. Wes had met him through eBay and he had said that if we ever were in the neighborhood to stop by. I initially did not want to but hey, I wasn't driving. Gene's house was really just a few miles out of the way so it was no great chore to get there. Well as we arrived, let me say it is good to be rich, VERY good. Gene's estate was over 30 acres with several outbuildings, guest houses, garages, horse barns etc. He showed us his private collection of cars. He had cars from Elvis, Roy Orbison, Tony Curtis and more. His pride is a one of a kind Silver Wraith Rolls Royce that is worth over $2,000,000. He is currently restoring a rare chocolate colored Bently worth over $1,000,000. It will be on the cover of Car Collector Magazine in August.

Gene was very nice and down to earth. He was gracious and funny and I was glad to meet him.

We made it to Newark NJ late that night. It was weird to me that the exits in NJ and NY even though they are numbered do not correlate to the mile markers, so exit 14 and 15 may be 10 miles apart. Very screwy. We had our meeting the next day and after that took the train into the city. I had never been to New York before. There are so many people you would not believe it. Everyone walks everywhere. It is pretty dirty. We walked around Time Square and well there is not a lot to do there but shop. We had dinner in a little French Bistro on Restaurant Row. It was very good and not too expensive. We took the train back to Newark and I can say without any issues that I never need to go back there again. It is way too crowded and busy. I am happy that Cole and I want the same sort of life.

The next morning we went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Now that was great! It was so worth the $12 you pay for the ticket. They are letting people back in the crown in two weeks so that really sucks that we missed that. If you ever go to the statue and have a car park on the Jersey side. Lots of parking and our ferries were not overloaded with people.

We headed to the Newark Airport only to be delayed again, really delayed. I did not get home until 1:00AM. I am very glad to be home and the kids seemed to miss me but Cole may have missed me more.