Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I travel a bit for work about once a month. I go all over and this is my third or fourth time to Atlanta. I really enjoy this city. The people are so friendly and weather is warm, although humid in the summer. I looked up houses in the area where I am staying (Marietta although my bro-in-law Wes says it is MAY-Retta) and they are about half as much as where I live. How can this be? I know they have a higher unemployment rate and all that but why would a house, much nicer than mine and larger, cost 100K?
I don't know what determines what things cost, granted I do not want my house value to drop, but why the big discrepancy? Cole and I looked at a house in Coos Bay OR a few years ago for about 80K. We seriously thought about it. we say it again for sale in 2007 for 300K. The land we bought in WA for 30K a couple of years ago is worth.....30K. We did not buy it to make money and are glad we have not lost any but what makes land worth $$??

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well Cole says that I do not update this enough, so here I am-

Monday the 16th (Happy Birthday Kenny!) was a strange day. We had a conference with Mason's teacher to make sure he is eligible for special ed. That is so weird! Obviously he needs special ed, but we have to have determination to make sure he is eligible. What a crock- Luckily it was not too long, so Cole and I went to breakfast at IHOP afterward. We love to go out to breakfast or brunch, but there are not many places to go that are not Denny's-esque. Our favorite is La Caille for Sunday brunch, but it is not like we can afford that every Sunday.

So after breakfast we had a little time to kill before our meeting at G's school so I dragged Cole to DI. Let's just say I have a tolerant husband, but even he can only take so much. I picked up a couple of books and we were out of there. We met with G and his guidance counselor and went over what he was going to do for his Senior year. He had enough credits that he could have graduated early, but he decided to take a bunch of electives. I nearly fell off my chair when he said he was going to take Seminary. Seminary? What? Have I landed in an alternate universe? He said he had been thinking about it since the teacher (who lives in our neighborhood) dropped by. We told him that he could take whatever he wished but I am not sure how I feel about it.

After G's appointment we headed home to relax for a bit before the Demon Spawn got home. I hate early out day! I think it is a conspiracy! The kids get home, G tells us that he has a job interview at Iceberg Drive Inn. He really needs to find a job since his phone will be turned off in a few weeks and I am not paying for it. I keep telling that his scary hair is stopping him from getting a job, but he says ALL the kids look like him. Well, not really, but what do I know.

I had my last post-op visit with the ENT and all looks well. I am really glad I had the surgery. I can breathe a lot better and my nose still looks the same. He did recommend sleeping with a humidifier since it is so dry around here.

I don't take a lot of pictures, but Cole and are trying to do better so hopefully I will get some up.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Celebrate the moments of your life?

So I was thinking the other day about those old 80's coffee commercials where the couple cuddle and talk over a hot cup of flavored coffee. Although these were some of the dumbest commercials EVER, it has happened. Cole and I are now that couple. We love to be sans children, whether at dinner, getting away for the weekend or just watching something tivo'd at home. G is getting ready to be a senior and Mason will be a freshman. Are these the moments we celebrate? That the years are short till all signs of children will be gone? In a word YES!

All those people who thought I was nuts to have kids and get married so young, well the joke is on you! I will be 42 when Kane graduates high school. I can live with that. My Mom was 59 when Kenny moved out. I can handle an extra 17 years alone with Cole.